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The history of Vitebsk State Medical University Library dates back to November, 1934, when the Vitebsk distance education medical institute was reorganized into a combination of a hospital and full-time attendance medical university. In December 1934, the very first textbooks for students were provided. Thus the basis of the library collection was formed.

During the Second World War occupation the library was completely destroyed. Its reconstruction began after the war. By the end of 1946, the library collection comprised only 5600 items. It was greatly enlarged by contribution of different institutions and organizations (Vitebsk Regional Health Care Department, Mogilev Medical College, the 1st Moscow Medical Institute, the 2nd Leningrad Medical Institute and State Central Scientific Medical Library (Moscow)). At that time there were 420 readers in the library and 3 librarian staff.

спрReference and informational department, 1980 г.

Reference and informational department, 1990 г.

Reference and informational department, 2013 г.

 By the end of 1950 the library collection had already 30 000 items. The amount of readers increased to 940 with 5 librarian staff.

In 1959 the Medical Library together with the Medical Institute moved to a new building in Frunze Avenue (nowadays it is the main university building). The reading room for students (150 seats) and the reading room for degree associates (10 seats) were opened.

In 1960 the following departments were singled out in the library: the acquisition department, the processing department, the delivery desk department and the reference department.

Delivery desks for educational literature for overseas students (General Practice Department and Pharmacy Department (in 1997), Dentistry Department (in 2001)) were organized.

In 2003 the department for computerizing the library processes was singled out.

The electronic library for 24 seats was also opened in 2003.

reading room, 1934-41 г.

reading room, 2004 г.

reading room, 2013 г.

In 2002 the professional software program MARC-SQL version 1.6 was acquired to give an opportunity for automation of all library processes and creation of electronic catalogue. Nowadays MARC-SQL version 1.17 is used.

We still continue to create electronic catalogue; the processes of book acquisition, subscription to periodicals and books registration are completely automated. At present, the technology of electronic library account (E-account) has been implemented in all the reading rooms.

In 2010 the library moved to a new building equipped with all modern facilities and necessary services.

The delivery desks for fiction, academic literature, the general reading room, the reading room for degree associates, the Rare Book reading room, the specialized reading rooms for electronic resources, periodicals and foreign literature are at your disposal.

The library provides its readers with both traditional and electronic informational resources and services. The library collection outnumbers half a million items of publications and unpublished documents of different kinds; it includes educational, academic, reference literature, fiction, journals and newspapers, collections of research papers, monographs, theses, scientific reports, and electronic documents.

Electronic informational resources of the library are represented by electronic textbooks and other educational materials, local databases, bibliographical and full-text databases acquired by license. The electronic catalogue of the library is available online. The library has access to the virtual reading room of the National Library of Belarus. We provide free access to the Internet for our students and university teachers.

The library is a participant of the interstate project “Associated Regional Libraries Consortium” and the republican project “BelAR” (analytical bibliography of periodicals). The library takes part in creation of the corporate database “Scientists of Belarus”.

electronic reading room, 2004 г.

electronic reading room, 2013 г.

If you need a copy of an article from the journal, you can order it by e-mail documents delivery service. You can also use interlibrary loan service for getting the books missing in our collection.

The library releases bibliographic bulletins of new literature arrivals, bibliographic bulletins of periodicals, "Helping Educational Process" directory, and bibliographical reference books.

The Rare Book collection exceeds 1000 items, including publications that date back to the XIX century. The oldest book of the collection is called “Surgical anatomy charts printed with the permission of His Imperial Majesty Nicholas I” by Ilya Buyalsky. It was published in St. Petersburg in 1852. One more rarity is “Clinical lectures by Professor Zakharin” published in Moscow in 1863.

Commercial services provided by the library include photocopying, scanning, electronic materials printout.

The library provides services for more than 17 000 readers every year. Book loan exceeds 600 000 items annually. More than 1000 readers visit the library and this website every day.

The library is structurally divided into 5 departments: the delivery desks department, the book supply and cataloguing department, the reference department, the book storing department and department of library processes computerization.

82% of the library staff has a university degree.

The library website with all necessary information about our activities, informational resources and services, virtual exhibitions, informational bulletins and bibliographical reference books is always available. On our website you can easily use virtual reference service and electronic library.

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