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 Information for users

On our library web-page one can find an on-line Library Help “Ask a bibliographer”, aimed at running the queries of remote users by means of traditional and digital catalog and Internet resources.

Here you can get the information on:

  • Availability of the certain document (a book, electronic/digital resource, a magazine, a newspaper) in the Library collection; 
  • Elements of bibliography – the title, the author, the year of publication etc.; get certain actual information: meaning of the term; deciphering of abbreviation; clarifying certain concepts; facts, people etc.;
  • To send a request (to leave a query) on the certain topic.

 Procedure and conditions of the query run:

  The queries from library users are accepted regardless of their age, education, place of residence, and regardless of whether they are the actual readers of VSMU library or not .

 One user may leave one query a day. A bibliographer fulfills no more than 5 queries a day.

  The staff reserves the right to remove objectionable questions and replies.

 The staff does not answer any questions connected with writing reports and course papers, and specifying the bibliography to research papers.

  The queries on “entertainment” information (crosswords puzzles etc.) and commercial information are not run.

The queries are accepted daily and run as they come during library opening hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

 The answer on a query is provided in the form of bibliography (no more than 10 titles), advice, links to sources on the Internet.

The queries are run within 3 working days (depending on the complexity).

Read further...  (Provision on On-line Library Help in Vitebsk State Medical University Library)

Note! Form to fulfill the field “Topic”:
Category (a student, a teacher, a graduate student, a postgraduate student, staff member, heath professional/health official, practician in a town or a district, medical worker in a town or a district, distance student (A listener) of the advanced learning, intern, medical resident etc. / Education (secondary, further/specialized secondary, higher, degree…)/ Purpose of query (educational, academic, on-duty, informative)
Topic (essential): practitioner in a town or a district/higher/degree

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