VSMU Library expresses its sincere appreciation and gratitude to all donors and grantors for their contribution into formation of its own collections and always gratefully acknowledges their names:

Eronina Elena Alexandrovna, Head of CJSC "KONEK" digital resources department donated THIEME Atlas of Anatomy
Zhernosek Vladimir Fiodorovich, professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, the head of department of ambulatory pediatrics of Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education, who donated his book “Diagnosis and treatment of children’s allergic disease”
Dubkova Tatjana Petrovna , Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical sciences, Associate Professor of Department of Human Ecology of BSU, who donated the book “Stevens Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis in children”
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  • 2019

    We received a facsimile edition of the first "Primer" in 2019 

    The presentation of the facsimile edition of the first "Primer" (1618) was held in the Vitebsk Regional Library named after V. I. Lenin. The publication was presented by the Deputy Director of the National Library of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Susha.
    This is a three-volume collection, which consists of a facsimile edition, its translation into the modern Belarusian language and a book with scientific research devoted to the primer in Russian, Belarusian and English. The Primer of 1618 is the first book in the world with this title. It has a small format, and two-thirds of the edition contains texts for reading spiritual content and prayer.
    Two copies of the Primer, published in 1618 by the printing house of the Vilna Orthodox Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit in Yevye in Old Church Slavonic, have survived to this day. One of them is kept in the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, the second - in the Middle Temple Library in London. A digital copy was made from it, which formed the basis of the facsimile edition, issued for the 400th anniversary of the world's first primer.
  • 2018

    On behalf of the World Health Organization, the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Central Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatization" sent us WHO publications translated into Russian in 2018 as part of the project "Increasing the quantity and quality of translations of WHO information into Russian".

    The International Public Association for Research and Information and Educational Programs "Development" has sent us books prepared in cooperation with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees:
    1. Book on countries of origin of refugees;
    2. Collection of national legislative acts on refugee issues.

    The Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Technologies, Informatization, Management and Economics of Healthcare has sent for us a new edition of the glossary "Terminology in Public Health and Healthcare". It is intended to use common terms and eliminate contradictions in the interpretation of the fundamental concepts that characterize the dynamics of public health and the processes of development of domestic health care at the present stage.

    Сandidate of pharmaceutical sciences, docent of the Department of Pharmacognosy with Botany and Fundamentals of Phytotherapy of Samara State Medical University Ryzhov Vitaly Mikhailovich donated the following books to the VSMU library:

    • Etymology of the names of medicinal plants. Mosсow, 2000;
    • Dictionary of medicinal plants. Samara, 2008;
    • Flavonoids of pharmacopoeial plants. Samara, 2012;
    • Biology. Practical work for 1st year students of pharmaceutical universities (faculties);
    • Biology. Textbook for 1st year students of pharmaceutical universities (faculties);
    • Practical work on the basics of ecology and nature conservation. Manual for 1st year students of pharmaceutical universities (faculties);
    • Immune system and immunocorrectors. Samara, 2010;
    • Hypericum: results and prospects of creating medicines. Samara, 2008;
    • Melissa officinalis: prospects for use in pediatrics. Samara, 2010;
    • Milk thistle. Samara, 2010;
    • Schisandra chinensis. Samara, 2010;
    • Electronic atlas on Botany: Issue 1. Cytology, histology, anatomy;
    • Electronic textbook-reference book Pharmacognosy. Issue 1.

    The teachers of our university did not stand aside either:

    Okorokov Alexander Nikolaevich, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Therapy No. 2, presented us with the following manuals for doctors of his authorship:

    • Modern therapy of bronchial asthma;
    • Diabetes mellitus type 2: diagnosis, modern therapy;
    • Guidelines for the treatment of internal diseases. Vol. 5;
    • Prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis (atherogenic dyslipidemia);
    • Osteoporosis and cardiovascular pathology: comorbidity and treatment features;
    • Type 2 diabetes: diagnosis and treatment of chronic complications;
    • Diagnosis and optimal treatment of arterial hypertension.

    Adaskevich Vladimir Petrovich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Dermatovenereology:

    • Dermatovenerology: illustrated guide / А. Rubins [and etc.];
    • Adaskevich V.P. Dermatoses of pregnant women: guidelines.
  • 2017

    Facsimile multi-volume edition "Book Heritage of Frantsysk Skaryna" - a gift from the National Library of Belarus

    The VSMU Library received a unique facsimile edition "Book Heritage of Frantsysk Skaryna". This edition, timed to the 500th anniversary of Belarusian book printing, is a joint project of BelVEB Bank and the National Library of Belarus, which was carried out with the blessing of Minsk and Slutsk Metropolitan Filaret, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus. This is the first complete facsimile reproduction of Francis Skaryna's book heritage. The edition consists of 20 volumes, which are a complete set of books printed by Francis Skaryna in Prague (1517-1519) and Vilnius (1522-1525). Each volume accompanied by preface in Belorussian, Russian and English. You may acquainted with this edition in the Reading room of rare books (room 505).


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